Bill Sharp -In the Moonlight

Bill Sharp is a veteren musician/writer and teacher from Savannah Tennessee. His songwriting emerged in his late twenties and he has always been intrigued with the idea of matching lyrics and melodies. “In the Moonlight” is the most recent of the thirty or so rock, country, and R&B songs he has  composed. He has  played for over twenty years with the River City Seven as vocalist, bassist and guitarist. He is  a high school teacher by trade (seventeen years).  A copy of “In the Moonlight is on Youtube and can be referenced by his  name. I met Bill while I was in search of a bass player. We did end up playing a gig and have remained friends, and share in the love of songwriting.

Bobby Saxton & Stillwater Hardy — Baby I love You, Yes I do

I found Bobby on facebook. Her Band Stillwater Hardy is a working band, out of Hardy Arkansas, traveling and playing shows every weekend. This recording is just Bobby and her guitar, shows what great emotion can come out of a solo recording. Bobby is a very talented singer, guitar player. and songwriter.  Her style has a little mix of Joplin and Melissa Etheridge, I think the world should hear this song. This simple raw beauty is a jewel to find in music.  My hats off to Stillwater Hardy for the time they put into being working musicians. You can find them on Facebook and You Tube.
Stillwater Hardy

Breaking Grass – Kentucky to Caroline

Breaking Grass is a bluegrass band composed of 5 multi-talented guys from Northeast Mississippi.  They have been performing at churches, festivals, and community functions for the past 4 years.  I met Thelton Vanderford the banjo player through my Tennesse River Jam and at other local jams. My musician friend Judy Presley first brought my attention to the group and introduced me to Thelton.  The band has had the opportunity to perform with many of today’s top bluegrass and gospel artists and have quickly become audience favorites all over the Southeastern Region. They most recently were named the 2011 State of Mississippi Bluegrass Band Champions at the state sanctioned competition held in New Albany, MS.

There is an awesome haunting innocence in the talented vocals of the songwriter Cody Farrer, don’t you think?

Clif Tones – Blow My Blues Away

The Cliftones are Darrell and Sissy Pogue. Both have been long time Memphis musicians now playing their folk/blues syle of music in the resort area aof Pickwick Lake Tenn. They also perform at area festivals. Darrell and I played together at different events in Memphis and have been long time picking buddies. The Cliftones have beeen working on their recordings with Jim Gaines. They have a very high quality sound to their live performances as well as their recordings.This song is from the Cd Lonely Town. They are true dedicated musicians and have cd’s available at their live performances as well as by contacting them on facebook or myspace.

Eddie Alexander – I Believe in Angels

Eddie is a Nashville songwriter that I met while playing the Mickey Buckins Songwriters Showcase in Muscle Shoals. This song had the audience crying. Eddie has had some success with his songs and I will tell you more about him during the contest.  He can be found on Facebook and his music on itunes.  I was looking for two other songs to put in my picks and ran across the cd he had given me a few years back. That cd is no longer in good shape so he is sent me another one.  A very nice guy, awesome writer and captures the audience total attention when he performs.

Keith Sykes -  Baby Took A Limo To Memphis

True Memphis blues, Keith put his years of playing Memphis style into action on this tune. As well known as Keith is in Memphis he has a great following throughout the world. He is known for his songwriting and performance skills. He is also a producer and publisher working hand and hand with Jimmy Buffett. Keith was a major player in the indie world of music before the rest of us caught on. Music lovers absolutely adore him and it shows in the faces of his audience at his live shows. You can find Keith Sykes’s music everywhere you look, so take a look and listen and check out his music at the link below.

Ray Stephenson – Leave Me Gone

Ray Stephenson lives in Nashville and I found his music while checking out another writer’s site on My Space. He has already crafted songs for Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, John Anderson, Guy Clark, Steve Holy, and more…  Ray’s songs are songs filled with stories about life, love, and loss. I related to the song  Leave Me Gone  as we  all know how it feels when you know a relationship is really over. I think Ray says it best in this song. This song is off his Gunned Down in Mexico album. You can find Ray on Facebook and My Space, or buy his music on itunes.
Here is the itune link

Sandy Carroll – Waiting for the Storm

Sandy Carroll is THE real Memphis Blues musician. Lucky for me, Sandy and her hubby Jim Gaines live right down the road  so I get to keep up with her music projects. Sandy has gained the respect of the entire Blues nation. She is the true blue note in Blues. Look her up on her website or check her out on  itunes for Waiting for the Storm and other great blues songs.

Scott Ward – Katydid

I befriended Scott on facebook as I constantly post the song That’s What I like About Sundays written by a friend of his, Mark Namore, in which he enlightened me about the writer which coincendently is a facebook friend.We aslo have many mutual songwriter friends in the Muscle Shoals area. Scott sent me this song by his band written by Tommy York. who is the lead singer of the band. I love this song!!! You can’t get any better than the swampers music from Alabama.Here are some links to their music.
Scott ward Band with Tommy York

Sonia Leigh – A Poem from the Ocean Floor

Sonia Leigh is  from Atlanta, I found her music through my nephew CC Indevireo a long time friend of Sonia. He has told me of her for years. She has been in the indie market performing and selling her music, now is opening for Zach Brown, promoting her song My Name Is Money.  CC has been traveling with her so I get the inside scoop . My best to Sonia a very talented deserving musician.