Today is the last day of the Feb 2012 Hoss Radio Contest., I have enjoyed the co host gig!!!!!! Pls vote and then listen at 2pm today tp hear Breaking Grass, Tim Sharp, and Bobbie Saxton.They are in the top five. I also want to THANK The Cliftones, Keith Sykes, Sandy Carroll, Scott Ward Band, Sonia Lee, Ray Stephenson, and Eddie Alexander for allowing me to put their songs in my ten featured picks.They are awesome musicians and we all loved their music.
I also wanted to mention that HosstheBoss is an independent artist station, donations are accepted and Hoss will give the musician of your choice, (just mention the name) 75% of the donation. This is another generous way he wants to support the indie world.  AND WOW THE TOP FiVE TODAY GO ON TO THE YEARLY CONTEST IN DECEMBER!.